Vinidhya Mishra, popularly known as Gungun is setting the social media on fire with her dance moves.

At such a young age this powerhouse of dancing talent has enthralled all, with her popularity on a constant rise of late.

Vinidhya Mishra knows as Gungun has been swaying to the beats of music ever since she remembers. Today, she has gained massive recognition owing to her dancing expertise which has pushed her in the top slot of dancers who have been successful in entertaining a wide audience through their extraordinary talent. Her hard work and perseverance has paid off as she presently lists amongst the most popular social media personalities who have a huge following. Her YouTube channel ( boasts of 3.6K subscribers, which proves the kind of impact she has made through her dancing skills

Vinidhya Mishra, Best Known As Gungun Mishra, Is Winning Hearts With Dance On Social Media 3

She enthusiastically participates in dance competitions and events that are held across the country, apart from pursuing her passion for painting. She says that dancing has always drawn her towards it as she started learning the art since her early days, participating in various competitions, getting favourable responses from the audiences which prompted her to pursue her passion with more vigour. “I want to do something in life which makes my parents proud,” says Gungun whose eyes are full of dreams. She is hoping to hone her skills further and carve her own distinct niche in the world of dance and entertainment.

Gungun mishra
Vinidhya Mishra, Best Known As Gungun Mishra, Is Winning Hearts With Dance On Social Media 4

The ambitious girl aims to achieve great heights and earn a name for herself. She wants to leave a mark on the world which stays etched in people’s memories. There’s a saying that when one truly aspires, the universe conspires, and that stands true in every sense in Gungun’s case as she has been able to fulfill her dreams via the dancing platform that showcases her talent in front of the world. She says that she has envisioned a bright future for herself in the field of dance and nothing can deter her from her goal. With the kind of appreciation she has been getting for her skills, she might soon emerge as future’s best dancer.


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