More and more people are now talking about this Rajasthani talent, who has been creating waves on a global stage for the nation.

To set foot into one’s desired industry today can easily come along with tons of hurdles and obstacles. Still, there have been a few people who have made a choice to be a part of the industry of their choice, no matter how challenging or taxing it may be for them. This very positive approach and attitude have been essential factors in leading a few self-driven and determined individuals and professionals to the top of their respective industries. The sporting world is one such industry to have given birth to so many talented players and sports personalities; however, among them, ace athletes like Wushu Champion Rohit Jangid exude the right qualities to become well-known sporting talents in the industry.

Rohit jangid
Rohit Jangid

Having to his names accolades like Bronze medals at the 9th World International Championships Georgia, 12th Wushu International Championship Hong Kong, and the International Wushu Cup Nepal, Rohit Jangid has been consistently preparing for his other fights to continue reigning as a Wushu Champion, enlisting his name in the list of top players in the Wushu sporting world.

Achieving these medals on an international stage was something he initially didn’t believe he would achieve, but his attitude of only focusing on his goals and not getting distracted by the fame, name, or recognition that follows have what propelled Rohit Jangid to become a loved Wushu player at a very young age.

Rohit Jangid impresses all with his Wushu skills
Rohit Jangid Impresses All With His Wushu Skills

His knockout of a Pakistani player at the 12th Wushu International Championship gained him more attention from sports lovers. The Jaipur boy aced the game in Wushu, which is known as the Chinese martial arts, and that which involves heavy fighting activities, something that can get really challenging if not trained well enough.

Rohit Jangid Facebook-ROHITJANGIDWORLD got trained at one of the best training academies across the world in Phuket, Thailand, for six months and then kept sharpening his skills in the same to become a well-revered and celebrated Wushu player and Champion.


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