As a child, Rohit jangid wished to meet Rajasthan’s Chief Minister. But, having been born and raised in a middle-class family, his path was not easy. He managed his diet money by saving ten rupees from his daily pocket money. Sports administration was not in place ten years ago. Players were not formerly valued as highly as they are now.

Rohit Jangid has started preparing for the upcoming National and Asian Championship Games 4
Rohit Jangid Has Been Named A Rising Star By The Rajasthan Government 3

He initially represented India’s west zone in Bhopal, where he earned a bronze medal. When he played internationally for the first time in Nepal, he won a Bronze medal and everyone cheered his triumph, but he did not earn any reward money.

Than he played the matches in Hongkong, China, Georgia. In 2016, his dream of meeting CM of Rajasthan came true and he himself wanted to go and receive the award. But his coach asked him to practise in the biggest academy in China – phuket. But somehow Rohit managed to meet the CM and receive the award. 

Rohit jangid
Rohit Jangid

He says ” 11 years ago the journey of becoming a Wushu player was not easy but now things have changed and definately younger generation can consider that as a Career option. Being a sports player you can get a job under sports quota and you get promtions as well based on your achievements”.


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