Thinkin Birds Communications Pvt. Ltd. is a  branding and content driven agency, headquartered in Nagpur and operations in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Goa. They provide services like brand designing, product packaging, communication designs, in-store branding, portfolio website, rebranding and social media. They work with clients like Dinshaw’s, Curry Up Now (USA), Swiggy, Center Point Hotel & Resorts, LIPI Packaging Solutions, Headlands Brewing Co. (USA), Strategic Concepts, Ghost Kitchens, Plate IQ (USA), MasterSoft, Mann Engineering Company to name a few.

Founded in the year 2013 by Bhavik Mehta, a Marketing Faculty in a city college turned Entrepreneur. His branding journey began from Thinkin’Birds, being a faculty he had theoretical knowledge and Thinkin’Birds gave him the practical experience needed to run a branding agency.
Thinkin’Birds will be completing a decade in the business this 2023. Their journey started with 2 people founding team, now a team of 32 with niche services catering their clients with design and content solutions. The major tech upgrade happened after 3-4 years of his business. Bhavik Says, “I was passively working from 2010, 2014 was the year we started noticing the growth. We scaled our business during covid, it was a reverse effect rather, we got more clients globally”.
With more than 10 years of experience, Bhavik Mehta shares some insights on how to build a start-up.
●      Never do a start-up out of excitement, always start with an intention.
●      A start-up can be run with zero investment.
●      Networking plays a very important role.
●      Right resources and Research is the key.
●      Don’t be the jack of all trades, be the master in one.
He believes, “It’s very important to encash the skills you already have, what you know should be offered. I strongly believe half knowledge is always dangerous”, adds Bhavik.

bhavik mehta
"Never Do A Startup Out Of An Excitement, Always Start With An Intention" - Bhavik Mehta, Founder, Thinkin'birds 3

Thinkin’Birds has been successful in revamping traditional businesses running actively from 20- 30 years. Bhavik believes rebranding can do wonders for a legendary brand. It is a great sales tool to reach out to new audiences and customers and grow your target audience.
Bhavik Mehta is the Brand Chief at Thinkin’Birds and to 90+ National & International hospitality brands for more than 9 years. Having expertise in conceptualizing and creating brand identities, he has also pioneered the concept of creative sales. He has been an ex-marketing faculty for over 12 years now. He has also been featured in Forbes and is an Indian Achievers and Brand Impact Awardee.


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