“New Executive Committee of Imperial Chamber of Commerce and Industries Constituted with Dr. Ashok Gupta as President and Dr. Rakhi Gupta as General Secretary”

In a recent announcement, the Imperial Chamber of Commerce and Industries has introduced its new executive committee, with Dr. Ashok Gupta elected as the President and Dr. Rakhi Gupta as the General Secretary.

The announcement was made by Suneel Dutt Goyal, Director General of the Imperial Chamber of Commerce and Industries, who stated that the new executive committee was formed under the supervision of the Chamber’s patron, Mr. Dilip Shivpuri.

The executive committee comprises of a diverse group of professionals from various backgrounds, including Princess Diya Kumari of Jaipur and Maharajkumar Sahib, Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar as Advisor, Mr. Roop Singh, IPS Executive Director, Mr. Raju Aggarwal Mangodi Wala, and Mr. Rajesh Sharma as Senior Vice Presidents. Additionally, nine members have been elected as Vice Presidents, and seven individuals have been selected as Mentors.

Additionally, Mr. Deepak Jalan, Mr. Gajanand Agarwal, Mrs. Madhurima Sharma, Mr. Nagar Mal Agarwal, Mr. Ravikant Kanungo, Mr. SK Mundra, Mr. Shashi Bhushan Agarwal, Mr. Shivkumar Goyal, and Mr. Subhash Arya have been elected as Vice Presidents.

The committee also features Mr. Anil Mathur, CA, Mr. Bahadur Singh, IPS, Mr. PC Sharma, IPS, Mr. Rajeev Chawla, Mr. RK Jain, IAS, Mr. SD Sharma, and CS Dr. Shyam Aggarwal as Mentors and Mr. Akhil Simlot, Dr. Balwant Singh Chirana, Mr. DC Khandelwal, Mr. Neeraj Agarwal, Mr. PK Kasliwal, Mr. Rajesh Jain, Mr. Sanjay CA, and Sachin Jain as Khatri Advisors

In addition to the executive committee, Mamta Maheshwari has been elected as Secretary of the Udaipur Chapter, Mr. Pawan Sharma as Joint Secretary, and Mr. Ajay Sharma, Mr. Manoj Kedia, Mr. Shashikant Singh, CA Sumit Dhadha, Mr. Suryakant Singh, and Mr. Prakash Mishra as Members.

The Imperial Chamber of Commerce and Industries has a mission to promote business and commerce in the region while striving to improve the community. With this new executive committee in place, the Chamber is well-positioned to fulfill its goals and objectives.

Dr. Rakhi Gupta has been elected as the new General Secretary of the Imperial Chamber of Commerce and Industries, which aims to promote business and commerce in the region while working towards the betterment of the community.

The diverse and experienced team of professionals in the executive committee is expected to bring valuable insights and ideas to the table, helping to achieve the Chamber’s objectives.

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