BankSathi recently also raised a massive $4 million as a Pre-series A round and garnered more headlines for its outstanding visions and missions for the future of the FinTech space.

Isn’t it incredible to learn and read more about all those brands, businesses, and platforms that have remained on a constant growth pedestal? What is even more wonderful to notice here is how most of these businesses and platforms have worked toward the greater picture and have made sure to provide value to the ones they set out to cater to or serve.

Among several industries that have given rise to many such outstanding businesses, the FinTech space has been one to have given birth to some of the most path-breaking projects. One among them is BankSathi, founded by Jitendra Dhaka and Sandeep Kaler in 2020.

The co-founders came up with the idea of incepting something as amazing as BankSathi as they wanted to push banking penetration and, most importantly, empower the financial lives of consumers by providing them with the right financial products and access to last mile users. It has thus risen as an incredible social commerce FinTech platform that recently also created a great buzz for it raised a massive $4 million as a Pre-series A round.

To be a part of the booming digital space around the world and the ever-evolving financial and tech realms, the co-founders decided to build BankSathi to make it easier for consumers to find financial solutions as per their requirements, be it for loans, debit or credit cards.

For years, people relied on several financial institutions for the same and found it a daunting task, but BankSathi promises to ease this process, giving a hand to both consumers and financial institutions to help them reach desired results in economical practices.

It does all this by using priority algorithms for recommending financial products to advisors based on the profile of customers and past transactions. It uses its network of agents to make recommendations for the right financial products to its customers in remote locations and Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities.

Co-founder Jitendra Dhaka has remained an experienced professional in the FinTech space, product, and growth strategy, while co-founder Sandeep Kaler has also given over 15 years in the tech field, having strong analytical skills with excellence in software engineering and expertise in computers. Together they brought their experience and created BankSathi ( to empower financial lives and has already received funding from many top financial players in the industry.


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