Salvaging people from truth,
Is it the real motive?

Not every tree bear the same fruit, And not every platform is appreciative.

Social media, ruling over the youth is a prime concern for the country’s development. Social media is a trap set for the young blood, to dig deep down the unnecessary events leading to wastage of time, money and other resources.

The children are very often seen requesting their parents to allow them to use social media for a longer duration, and they sometimes sneak in to keep a check on the latest trends,or to involve in chatting with new people and exploring them.

Ankur Chandrakant1
Ankur Chandrakant Talks On The Present Status Of Children's Internet Safety And How To Protect Females On Social Media Platforms? 3

Ankur Chandrakant Says “The children often get confused with the “real v/s fake” prevailing all over the social media,and thus get into something unexpected and least wanted by their parents”

The fraudsters often target the young children as they aren’t mature enough to figure out the consequences of what they actually do.

They show pop ups of “confirming” that the account belongs to the person using it or not and in turn asks for permission and some personal information , such as aadhar card details or the contact number which is directly linked to their bank accounts.

This allows the fraudster to have a clear view of the bank details and thus is successful in “hacking”.

Ankur Chandrakant said Women, Mostly young girls are often the intended target for the hackers .

The male counterpart often try to pretend themselves to be sugar coated people and manipulate the mind of young girls by showing them dreams of being financially stable, and acting as being the most supportive person.

They often catch them in their traps and then involve them into sexting and invading their privacy , which is recorded and then used to blackmail the girl.

This leads to destruction of mental well-being of the girl, destroying her social status and eventually being blamed for something she wasn’t even aware of. According to a survey 1/5th of the female users who experienced sexual abuse on social media have quit the platforms.

Ankur Chandrakant
Ankur Chandrakant Talks On The Present Status Of Children's Internet Safety And How To Protect Females On Social Media Platforms? 4

Some of the campaigns and helpline numbers are as follows-

  • Children accounts for being 1/3rd of the total internet users worldwide and thus India has started a campaign #staysafeonline which promotes safety navigation of online search.
  • The Ministry of home affairs has also sanctioned ‘Cyber crime prevention against women and children’ which includes a portal for cyber crime reports like sexual abuse, child threat.etc.
  • Women helpline number 1091 is generated by the government so that no women is left unheard and justice is provided at all cost.
  • Child line 1098 is provided for the children to report any misbehave or need of any aid .

These campaigns and helplines aren’t enough to uproot this evil practice overpowering the society. More awareness programs should be conducted so that all these aids reach to the ones who really need it.


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